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Our mission is to create business integration by delivering world-class live experiences to delight prospects, customers, employees, partners, and other members of your medical practice ecosystem.



We serve our clients by helping them with the business of medicine, not the practice of medicine.  There can be a tremendous range in the type of arrangements, and one of the key things is managing expectations.


Accelerate Medical Solutions has developed a comprehensive peripheral neuropathy management services organization program to help design a “Custom-Fit” Clinical and Business Solution. We are committed to working with you to customize our clinical and business management support, combination with our advanced technologies, medical billing training as well as office support system to attain your perfect fit.

We recognize providers and private practices have different wants and needs as well as visions towards business growth and revenue stream. With that in mind, we offer multiple OPTIONS and gateways to implement ACCELERATE MEDICAL SOLUTIONS Clinical and Business Management services to create a custom-fit to suit every practice and budget.


Option 1: Start-Up

Establish a small private or single Peripheral Neuropathy “specialty” practice and utilize the comprehensive Management Services Organization (MSO) business solution and marketing support programs designed to create and accelerate revenue, successful growth and take full advantage of the Accelerate Medical Solutions (AMS) brand that results from nationwide marketing efforts.


Option 2: Integrated

Integrate a comprehensive peripheral neuropathy protocol into your existing practice and utilize marketing support programs and medical billing integration and coding to help accelerate your practice growth and revenue.  


Option 3: Custom Combination

Discuss a Comprehensive Practice Analysis to create a custom combination of technologies and services that best meet your needs.


AMS Pledge: We will reciprocate your commitment in all dimensions within the first day and throughout the first year and beyond. We’re happy and ready to help!

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Pamela Wagener

Founder and CEO of Accelerate Medical Solutions, a Certified Medical Tourism Facilitator and CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association Inc.) member, with partners and affiliates in the Medical Field and Real Estate Industry, extensive knowledge and experience in sales and marketing, practice administration, health science, information technology, and computer science.

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Dr. Henry Horrilleno

Born in the Philippines and currently residing in Dallas, is a retired general/bariatric surgeon, a graduate of the UST School of Medicine, and certified by the American Board of Surgery. Dr. Horrilleno was instrumental in introducing laparoscopic surgery to the Philippines, and personally trained Makati Medical Center's first generation of laparoscopic surgeons. In addition, he established and launched MMC's bariatric surgery program. He returned to the U.S. where he opened a regenerative, integrative, functional medicine practice, and later another in the Philippines.

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Dr. Alma Horrilleno

Dr. Alma C. Horrilleno attended the University of Santo Tomas where she graduated with her medical degree.  Shortly after graduating, she did her internal medicine residency in the Philippines.


Dr. Horrilleno completed a Pathology residency at the Long Island Jewish Hospital in New York City.  After completing her residency, Dr. Horrilleno moved to Plano, Texas where she opened a primary care practice.  She joined Permanente Medical Group providing Adult Primary Care until the practice was acquired later.

For a few years, Dr. Horrilleno performed daily house calls on home-bound patients, many of whom were also suffering with peripheral neuropathy.


For the past six years, Dr. Horrilleno has been focused specifically in treating patients with peripheral neuropathy and getting outstanding results.  She has a real passion for helping patients that suffer with this condition and received highly specialized training in this specialty area to help patients find much needed relief.

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