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Medical Services Organization (MSO)

With ACCELERATE MEDICAL SOLUTIONS healthcare management services, you keep your current office and staff. We provide oversight and support for all administrative functions. Your financials and your medical practice remain independent.

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Board Meeting


Medical Practice

Start-Up Services

Looking to open up your own practice? Don't do it alone. ACCELERATE MEDICAL SOLUTIONS can help you get your practice up and running smoothly. 



It always comes down to who has the best people. Recruitment, training, management and excellent benefits programs including healthcare and retirement.

Digital social media



We’ll help you position and grow your practice. Physician networking, strategic marketing plans, digital strategies including Web presence, paid search and social media.

Doctor Office


Physician Practice Management

Our physician practice management services take non-clinical practices off your shoulders and put them in the hands of our expert team.

Investment Chart


Generating revenue is only half the battle; we’ll help you collect it and manage it. Billing, coding oversight, collections, reconciliation, facility and third party payer credentialing.

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Virtual Medical Assistant

VMA is responsible for assisting Doctors and Nurses in providing care to their patients. Their duties include patient eligibility, insurance verifications, recording and updating medical history and contact information in patient files, scheduling patient appointments and performing standard care procedures like obtaining lab results and requesting medical records.

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Medical Billing


Medical billing & claims management services reduce your paperwork load to give you more time with patients. 

Remote Monitoring


Are tech issues a constant source of aggravation? We’re here for you with expertise across multiple systems and platforms. Electronic medical records, template modification, training, installation, hardware and software support.

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Clinical Team Management

Operational success is the foundation of a happy workforce and productive practice. Clinical and office  workflow, scheduling and supervision, compliance, quality improvement, practice management and equipment maintenance.

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